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update 22/12/2009

Postby drakhen » Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:47 am

Just a little one:
Added a few more pictures to the NDA gallery in the 'Paintings' and 'Sketchbook' sections.

On the Daemonslayers site I've added four more pages to 'Wolf and Raven'. I'm, er, a little behind on 'Heritage'... the next pages are halfway done but I'm about to go away for Xmas with the cat, boyfriend and grandmother in tow and am super busy so there's no way I could've squeezed them into this update.

Meanwhile, in my little world... my Christmas holidays came early this year because I went over in some black ice and did my arm in. Luckily it's badly sprained rather than broken but still, kind of annoying. Good news is I don't need my left hand for drawing :D
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